Data Points, DSL Modem Services & Cable TV Installations South Brisbane : Express Voice & Data


DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) provides high-speed internet services using the telephone lines and broadband modem technology. In DSL system, both telephone and internet service share the same phone line, serving the dual purpose.    The range is pretty amazing too from 256 kbps to 100 mbps. Express Voice and Data provides the DSL services with the original and standardized copper wires which are responsible for the internet speed.  If you want DSL modem services South Brisbane, our technician will make the whole set up depending upon whether you want it in office or house as the services of DSL differ for both business and residential purposes.

Cable Internet

One can enjoy watching TV only when the picture and sound quality are good enough.  If you are facing any issues with the current cabling system or want your new cable tv installations Gold Coast, a technician from Express Voice and Data will come to your house or office and resolve the issue. The TV can be of any model, size or brand; he will do his work in the most satisfactory way. There might be some issue with jacks or cable wire or television itself, the cables will be reinstalled.



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