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DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) provides high-speed internet services using the telephone lines and broadband modem technology. In DSL system, both telephone and internet service share the same phone line, serving the dual purpose.    The range is pretty amazing too from 256 kbps to 100 mbps. Express Voice and Data provides the DSL services with the original and standardized copper wires which are responsible for the internet speed.  If you want DSL modem services South Brisbane, our technician will make the whole set up depending upon whether you want it in office or house as the services of DSL differ for both business and residential purposes.

Cable Internet

One can enjoy watching TV only when the picture and sound quality are good enough.  If you are facing any issues with the current cabling system or want your new cable tv installations Gold Coast, a technician from Express Voice and Data will come to your house or office and resolve the issue. The TV can be of any model, size or brand; he will do his work in the most satisfactory way. There might be some issue with jacks or cable wire or television itself, the cables will be reinstalled.



Telephone Line Faults & Phone Repairs Gold Coast : Express Voice & Data


Got your phone broken and looking for someone to troubleshoot your telephone, take the services of Express Voice and Data. Our team provides phone repairs Gold Coast in order to make your life easier. The problem in a telephone might be caused due to many reasons, like- the wires loosened up, problems with the keypad, disabling of audio due to damaged speakers, machine not working or some disturbance with the security system etc. The technicians will detect the problems by carrying out some tests and will provide their services accordingly and will also provide assistance in order to avoid them in future.

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Cable Internet

Repairing the telephone lines is the toughest thing in telephone troubleshooting specially when the socket is corroded. Issue in telephone lines can defer the voice transmission and leading to communication gap. Telephones are must in today’s era on day-day basis and the gap in communication can be misleading. The problem of wiring can be originated from either the socket in your home or office or in the outside premises. In case you have telephone line faults Gold Coast, Express Voice and Data is ready in your service. The technician will drop down at your place and will see into the origin point of the problem and repair the same for you.

Phone Line Repair Gold Coast Telephone Technician : Express Voice & Data


Telephones are a very important part of every household and office nowadays. Life becomes very off-the-wall when the phones are dead. If you have been facing problems with the faulty telephones lines or irresponsible technicians and looking for phone line repairs Gold Coast, you can reach out to us at Express Voice and Data. Our team qualifies for repairing the telephone lines with any fuzz or fault. All the technicians are equipped with instruments to diagnose the problems and repairing the same. And, the technicians even make sure that you are fully satisfied with the repair services before they leave.

Looking for phone lines installation?


Technology has become a very important part in our day-to-day lives and telephones play a very important role when it comes to communication. Whether it is an office, industry or your house, if you want to install telephone lines, you can contact Express Voice and Data. We provide phone lines installation Gold Coast and the team of our technicians is always ready to serve you. The team will install additional phone lines and will test the lines to make the connection smooth and hassle free.  The wiring will be done in a smooth manner so that the room might not be overburdened.

Corporate Data Cabling & DSL Modem Services South Brisbane : Express Voice & Data


With the increasing involvement of the internet technology in human life, it is vital to get the best equipment, cabling and network as cheap as possible. And if you are a corporate house, having an aim to make better revenues, it is good to have the best corporate data cabling Gold Coast from a professional expert having experience in the relevant field. Having the appropriate data cabling and network by an expert is all part of this process and applies equally for start-ups as well as the big brands. So go ahead and get the best cabling solution by an expert.

DSL is the best option for internet connections


In this age of technology and connectivity, almost everything can be found online, which makes it important to have the best network connectivity with everything like hardware, cabling and a lot more things. Since DSL is one of the most important component of the internet connectivity, it is essential to have the best hardware available and an expert for best DSL modem services South Brisbane, having years of experience in the field to deliver what you’re looking for – better connectivity. It lets you maintain your business communication with the global world without any technical trouble at all.

Gold Coast New Telephone Systems & NBN Line Fault Finding


How to buy the best new telephone systems? When you own a business and are concerned about the quality of communication with the customers as well as the partners, it’s essential to make the best choice when looking for the new telephone systems Gold Coast. Make sure to explore the best models available o the virtual as well as real world so you can compare the prices as well as the features of different models to make a calculative decision while buying the best telephone for your business or personal use. Make full use of the internet to get what fits your budget and business requirements as well.

Benefits to hire a professional for NBN line fault finding

Dealing with the NBN line faults may be the last thing you’d want to face in a lifetime as it puts all your communication systems to fault. This makes it important to call a professional immediately as soon as you face any trouble with the communication line, but it’s also important to hire a professional that is experienced in the particular field for better results so you know that you are getting the best for your investments in the communication. A professional in NBN line fault finding Gold Coast allows you to ensure the communication and broadband of your workplace is intact as you have always desired for.

Phone Repairs, Telephone Line Faults and Phone Line Installations in Gold Coast


Telephone is the best option for corporate communication, Regardless to your location in Gold Coast, telephones are the most crucial part for business communications. While the mobile devices are globally recognized the best communication methods, the quality delivered by telephone systems still the most advanced and effective. This makes it important to have someone available to deal with the phone repairs Gold Coast as soon as they occur. Additionally, it is also suggested to have the best and most advanced telephone systems available to ensure that your corporate communication is always of premium quality for sure. This invention of Graham Bell has evolved into highly technical communication equipment so make the best use of it.

Reasons to keep telephone line operational

When the telephone line goes dead, your business may deal with various complications as this is the most effective method of corporate communication, which makes it important to take good care of the telephone lines and the telephone devices across your business premise. When you have telephone line faults Gold Coast, don’t panic as it’s the time to call a professional to deal with the situation and never try to deal with the situation yourself. A professional will know what may be the problem and how to make the best use of the available repair methods for better results.


Data Points, NBN Phone System Gold Coast, Extra Phone Points Coomera

Take care of your communication with NBN phone systems, In the incidents of NBN faults, it may be a difficult task for businesses to locate the fault and get the business back to the work. This makes it important to call a professional immediately as soon as you face any trouble with your NBN phone system Gold Coast or the NBN line as fault in the line or phone system may result in disturbance to the business communication and internet connectivity, causing unwanted trouble. With Express Voice & Data, you can be sure of getting instant support from an expert who’ll troubleshoot the problem to ensure better communication for your business needs.

Our friendly staff all hold current ACMA industry licenses, OH&S certificates and insurances, with an in depth knowledge in our Key industry. Our skilled telephone technicians and engineers repair telephone fault. Owing to the capability to detect faults within a circuit very easily, the technicians are instrumental in offering services related to boards, modules, power supplies, switches and switch components. Call Us : 0422835964

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DSL Modem & Cable TV Installations Services South Brisbane


Know the importance of DSL modem services. The DSL Internet circuits are designed with highly advanced technology, but they may experience problems due to a variety of reasons. However, the fault may result in great loss, which makes it important to keep your backup ready to deal with the situation instantly with a professional offering DSL modem services South Brisbane. The professionals like Express Voice & Data make available the best technical services to your support instantly as soon as you notice any kind of fault in the CDL modem so you can be sure of getting the best for your investments and reduce the technical breakdown time.

Explore best entertainment with professional cable TV installations

corporate data cabling

Almost every industry and business is focused on managing their messy wire system. And when it comes to installing the cable TV, it becomes even more important to handle it carefully as you don’t want the wires all around the premise, which is why it’s important to call only a trusted and skilled professional in cable TV installations Gold Coast, having dedication and expertise in delivering installation services while ensuring minimal mess of the wires around your premise. Express Voice & Data serves the purpose with professional, trusted cabling solutions that you can trust upon for flawless entertainment and communication.

Telecommunication Repairs and New Telephone Systems Gold Coast


Keep your telephone lines in perfect condition with experts. Telephone repair is something you can’t take lightly. After all, your telephone is what you rely upon to communicate with your teams, customers, partners and a lot more people regarding the business purpose. This makes it important to ensure the proper care of your telephone lines and telephone sets that they are working fine and the faults are taken care of on time. A professional having years of experience in telecommunication repairs Gold Coast is the right choice you can make to ensure timely assistance in the incidents of a fault that may take place with your telephone line or the device itself.

Get the best new telephone systems with experts


Installing the telephone lines may seem an ‘easy to do’ task as it involves only a few wires, but it’s a lot more than connecting the two wires to each other. Installing the lines for new telephone systems Gold Coast requires a lot of technical expertize, which is why it’s highly recommended to ask a professional expert to do it for you. This may be helpful, especially if you are planning to install the telephone line in your office as you may need to connect some devices with each other for internal communication purpose and want to ensure the no unauthorised of the devices.

Adsl Phone System and Corporate Data Cabling Gold Coast Phone System


ADSL is a relatively new technology that stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. It is the most commonly used technology that is helpful for a very fast transmission of video and voice to homes over ordinary copper telephone wires. The technology of ADSL Gold Coast has enabled the transformation of existing public information networks from voice and text to a powerful tool for transmitting multimedia and full-motion video. Seems technical? Well, it is. This is why it’s important to let the professionals handle the technical part of installation so you enjoy better business processing without any glitches.

Make the most of your broadband with corporate data cabling


Regardless to your business size, small, medium or large, internet is the most common requirement for every business to get connected with the global population, attract more customers, negotiate with partners, convey messages across the network, and do a lot more. This makes it important to have the best corporate data cabling Gold Coast so you can be sure of having the best networking benefits by your network service provider. The professional networking allows you to keep the devices connected to each other, ensuring to maximizing the performance of your broadband connectivity without even investing in a higher package.